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Niibaashkaa: Travels Through the Night (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
On 3/30/2017

Join Andrea Redsky and Darren Townsley as they take you on a journey through the night sky. Using the Star Dome mobile planetarium, Darren will guide you through the highlights of the night sky while Andrea captivates you with the songs and stories of the stars interpreted by the Anishinaabe.
FortWhyte Club Science, Découvrir la Terre (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
From 4/1/2017 through 5/13/2017

Au cours des ateliers, nous explorerons les parties intérieures de la Terre, ses parties mobiles et ses parties invisibles. Nous aborderons les thèmes tels les volcans, les tremblements de terre, les différents types de roches, de la géographie et de bien d’autres choses.
FortWhyte Science Club, Discover the Earth Series (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
From 4/1/2017 through 5/13/2017

The Discover the Earth Series will explore the earth, it’s interior parts, it’s movable and invisible parts. We will talk about earthquakes, volcanoes, the different type of rocks, geography and so on.

Make Your Own Canoe Paddle (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
On 4/2/2017

Eric Gyselman will guide participants through the process of handcrafting their own cedar canoe paddle.
Cabin Yoga (Siobhan Richardson Field Station)
From 4/2/2017 through 4/16/2017

Ash Bourgeois of Wild Path leads this unique experience combining nature, yoga and meditation. Designed for all levels to build a deeper connection with nature, create a space to relax, to calm the mind and practice self-care.

Adventure Running Kids ages 7-12 (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 4/6/2017

This 6 week program for kids aged 7-12 builds stronger, faster and smarter runners with an appreciation for the environment. We'll combine trail running, navigation, cross country running, and obstacle running into a fun and muddy eco-adventure that also teaches problem solving skills.
Mead Making with Beeproject Apiaries (FortWhyte Farms)
On 4/9/2017

Mead, or honey wine, is a fun and traditional way to use and enjoy honey. Join us for a hands-on mead making workshop and learn the various aspects of the craft. 18+
Naturescape: Build a Birdhouse (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
On 4/9/2017

Interested in attracting some feathered friends to your yard? Try your hand at building a wren house, one of our city’s more common residents. All tools and materials provided.
Historica Canada Heritage Minute evening (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
On 4/12/2017

Help us celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by viewing all 77 Heritage minutes back to back. Grab a drink at our cash bar, and dress in style as your favourite Historical persona. Wrap up a delightful by roasting bannock on a cozy fire.
Birding and Breakfast 2017 (FortWhyte Alive (site))
From 4/19/2017 through 5/31/2017

Take part in the Spring Migration at Fort Whyte Alive. Our experienced birding guides lead a sunrise hike for beginners and experts alike. Afterwards, compare checklists over a delicious breakfast in the Buffalo Stone Café.
Owning A Hobby Greenhouse (FortWhyte Farms)
On 4/30/2017

Ever wondered how to build and maintain a backyard greenhouse? Our experts will share their experiences.
Fit4two Stroller Fitness - Entire Series (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 5/4/2017

Fit 4 Two is a mobile way for you to get a full body workout and still be able to attend to your baby's needs. Each outdoor class includes intervals of power walking, functional strength training and cardio drills followed by postnatal-specific core work and flexibility.
Fly Fishing Workshop (Outdoor Adventure Centre)
On 5/6/2017

Manitoba Fly Fishers Association provides a comprehensive full day introduction to the wonderful world of wading. Topics include strategy, casting technique, fish species, artificial flies and entomology. All equipment is provided
Carving Workshop with Murray Watson (FortWhyte Farms)
On 5/7/2017

Murray Watson will answer frequently asked questions about carving and will discuss tool maintenance.. You will use knives and gouges to carve a small Owl and learn how to incorporate barbed wire into carvings.
Wild Child (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 5/9/2017

Wild Child is a unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage in authentic outdoor experiences while keeping in mind the needs of their (slightly older) little one. Each session is designed with interpretive content for both the adults and hands-on activities with the children.
Born To Be Wild (Alloway Reception Centre)
On 5/10/2017

From learning the lesser-known facts about local wildlife to foraging and tasting wild edibles, this six-week session is infused with nature, culture and history. Born to Be Wild presents a unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage in authentic outdoor experiences while keeping in mind the needs of their little one.
Outdoor Yoga (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 5/14/2017

Ash Bourgeois of Wild Path leads this unique outdoor experience combining nature, yoga and meditation overlooking Muir Lake. Designed for all levels to build a deeper connection with nature, create a space to relax, to calm the mind and practice self-care.
Beekeeping Tours (FortWhyte Farms)
On 5/28/2017

See what all the buzz is about at FortWhyte Farms - we'll dress you in protective bee equipment and take you on a hands-on hive tour of the apiary to show you how bees pollinate vegetable and keep busy all summer making honey.
The New Eco-Adventure (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 6/11/2017

June 11th, 2017 marks the return of the FortWhyte Alive Eco-Adventure. Whether you’re new to this race or you've raced it for many years we’re sure you’ll have a ton of fun, just with a bit more adventure than usual.
Frightening Fiver (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 10/26/2017

Join us for a 5/10k run through the woods of FortWhyte by night, guided by nothing but sheer terror (and a headlamp!). Survive this spooky sprint and be rewarded with smokies and s’mores by a bonfire. Cash bar.
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