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Guided Buggy Tour (FortWhyte Alive (site))
From 7/23/2018 through 8/27/2018

See FortWhyte Alive in comfort and style on an electric buggy. Great for those with limited mobility, or those who want to learn a little more about the history of FortWhyte Alive. This program includes information on the flora and fauna of FortWhyte, as well as teaches about Manitoba’s cultural history.
Tuesday Teaching's at FortWhyte Farms (FortWhyte Farms)
From 7/24/2018 through 8/28/2018

Join us for a weekly kitchen skills-share featuring fresh local food and culinary curiosities including fermented foods, traditional fare and sustainable food trends!

We are working hard to create quality experiences for you to enjoy! Check back soon to see what we have cooking up this summer!
Paddle Night - Canoe Rental (Outdoor Adventure Centre)
From 7/24/2018 through 8/30/2018

Join us on Muir Lake for an exciting evening of kayaking or canoeing. Register in advance to reserve a canoe or kayak for a 40 minute exploration of our lake. No experience is required. This program promotes outdoor recreation opportunities on one of our 4 lakes.
Paddle Night - Kayak Rental (Outdoor Adventure Centre)
From 7/24/2018 through 8/30/2018

Join us on Muir Lake for an exciting evening of kayaking or canoeing. Register in advance to reserve a canoe or kayak for a 40 minute exploration of our lake. No experience is required. This program promotes outdoor recreation opportunities on one of our 4 lakes.
Grandparents & Me (FortWhyte Alive (site))
From 7/25/2018 through 8/29/2018

Spend an afternoon learning about the importance of Manitoba’s natural habitats all while enjoying a variety of activities, games and crafts. We encourage this special opportunity for grandchildren and grandparents but all families are welcome. This program promotes outdoor exploration, and exploring fun new ways to get involved in nature.

Featuring a different activity, every week!
Bison Safari (Alloway Reception Centre)
From 7/25/2018 through 8/31/2018

A truly wild ride.

You’re invited to climb aboard and go beyond the gates, deep into our bison prairie to experience your first up-close encounter with a herd of grunting, munching bison. These striking animals are stoic, hairy and huge.
Bumble Bee Survey (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 7/28/2018

Did you know that there are 27 species of bumble bee found in Manitoba? Join entomologist Joel Gardner from the University of Manitoba to find out how bumble bee populations are doing at FortWhyte! You will learn how to safely handle these fuzzy pollinators and observe them before releasing them back into the wild.

Coffee in a Canoe (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 7/28/2018

Visit FortWhyte Alive and join Little Sister Coffee Maker in a unique morning lakeside experience. Learn about beans and brewing over an open fire with reps from Little Sister Coffee Maker. Enjoy a fresh cup of fire brewed coffee to go, and head out on the lake for a 1 hour morning paddle session. Take in the sights and sounds of early mornings at FortWhyte Alive. This program promotes outdoor recreation opportunities on our 4 lakes.
A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and its People (Alloway Reception Centre)
From 7/31/2018 through 8/28/2018

A Canadian Tourism Signature Experience
Discover how the bison influenced the history of Manitoba and the lives of the people of the prairies. Experience a close-up encounter with 30 grunting, munching bison -- then, test your skills as you power a mighty Voyageur canoe. Explore a Plains Cree Tipi, step inside a one-room pioneer sod house, and savour wild bush tea and bannock over a campfire.
Wild Edibles (FortWhyte Alive (site))
From 7/31/2018 through 8/28/2018

Take the time to taste the roses! This beginners foraging workshop will teach you some useful tips and tricks for identifying, harvesting and preparing wild foods. Join FortWhyte Interpreter Barret Miller on a guided walk through beautiful FortWhyte Alive and discover the possibilities wild food can add to your adventures!
Hatchet Throwing (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 8/5/2018

You heard right! No experience necessary — we’ll have you throwing like a pro in no time. Hatchet throwing is an undeniably fun and unique way to spend time with friends or family, learn a new skill, and connect with nature in a new way.
High Tea in the Garden (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 8/14/2018

Join us for a delightful afternoon surrounded by flowers and butterflies in the Biodiversity Garden! Discuss gardening with a FortWhyte interpreter as you enjoy specialty teas, fair trade coffee, and a light snack of scones and dainties from the Buffalo Stone Café.
Guided Mountain Bike Ride (FortWhyte Alive (site))
On 8/16/2018

Adrian Alphonso of the Manitoba Cycling Association will be on site at Bison Butte to teach you the basics of mountain biking. This 1.5 hour workshop will give you an orientation of a legacy left behind from the 2017 Canada Summer Games. These orientation rides are open to pre-teens looking to develop their skill, and familiarize themselves with the sport of mountain biking and the trails of bison butte.
French Bison Safari (Alloway Reception Centre)
On 8/18/2018

S'aventurer dans la prairie de bison à FortWhyte Alive pour une rencontre de près que vous n'oublierez jamais. Découvrez le plus grand mammifère terrestre d'Amérique du Nord à quelques mètres, en interaction dans leur habitat naturel. Ces bêtes magnifiques de prairie sont stoïques, velues et énormes! Entrez-vous au monde historique du prairie et c'est certain que vous partirez en savoir plus au sujet de comment les bisons ont influencé l'histoire du Canada.
Family Bison Safari (Alloway Reception Centre)
On 8/20/2018

Ever wanted to head into the pasture to see our munching, crunching bison up close with your wee ones? Worried that the program won't be age-appropriate? This adventure is perfect for you and yours! The Family Safaris will be geared towards families with children under 8 and will feature a knowledgeable and fun leader who will take you up close to our wild herd. Your kiddos will get to touch real bison artifacts, learn about poop (YUCK!) and enjoy a few special kid-friendly additions to our regular program.
Birding and Breakfast (Alloway Reception Centre)
From 8/22/2018 through 9/12/2018

Take part in the spring migration to FortWhyte! Our experienced birding guides lead a sunrise hike for beginners and experts alike. Afterwards compare checklists over a delicious breakfast in the Buffalo Stone Cafe.
Summer Reads Book Club (Interpretive Centre-Main Theatre)
On 8/30/2018

We have partnered up with McNally Robinson to offer a special summer reading list. Check out their store for a table full of great FortWhyte related reads! Pick up a copy of Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Woods”, and give it a read over the summer. At the end of the summer, we will host a book club style discussion regarding this very important read! Learn how to get outdoors this summer with our exciting reading list!
Harvest Supper (FortWhyte Farms)
On 9/13/2018

An evening featuring farm fresh food, live music, bonfires and agrarian charm, this event is the perfect opportunity for brands looking to support social enterprise and innovative youth employment programs.

Celebrate the harvest and feel good doing it! All proceeds from the supper support youth engaged in healthy food programming and employment training at FortWhyte Farms.
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